Urethane Caulking Services Baton Rouge, LA

Urethane Caulking Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Urethane Caulking Services in Baton Rouge, LA

We typically recommend urethane caulking services in areas containing joints that will be painted over, or covered with an elastomeric coating. Paint and coatings which are acrylic or urethane-based will properly adhere to urethane sealants. In addition, urethane caulking is easily applied to joints already containing urethane caulking and can represent significant cost savings when compared to silicone caulking.

Unfortunately, if urethane caulking is not coated over, it will quickly deteriorate when exposed to the sun's UV rays. The average life expectancy of urethane caulking is about a third of that of silicone caulking. Our urethane caulking company will provide you with the expertise you need. We are the urethane caulking contractor you are looking for if you want the job done right the first time.


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Urethane Caulking Services Baton Rouge, LA

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Urethane Caulking Services in Baton Rouge, LA